Life Favorites

I started some projects this week-end.  I didn’t finish a single one.  I should be working on them now but Michelle sleepy.  Sleepy Michelle leaves you with a photo list of some of my favorite things in life right now…brought to you by my phone.

Picnik collage2
L to R: (Eek. I have boy hair.  Not a favorite but it's life.)  (Lazy, X-Games obsessed husband.) (Leopard flats from Target.)
Picnik collage3
L to R: (Q&A journal.  To write all of my brilliant life thoughts each day.) ($2 pitcher from SalAl.  And yes, it is still the New Year in our humble abode) (Gumball machine Christmas gift.  My dad gets me.)
Picnik collage4
L to R:  (Magazine and Kindle love.  Currently enjoying Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close.) (Walking the dog in 50 degree weather in Iowa.  What?)  (Monistat Chafing relief powder gel as make-up primer. (Similar to Smashbox)  Rachel, thank you for changing my life.  This stuff is AMAZING.)
Picnik collage1
L to R: (sleepy Ike) (Ike destroying our couch and melting my heart all at the same time) (Ready to play..or destroy things)
Tell me about some of our favorite life things right now!  I’m all ears….or eyes.   Since I won’t really hear you…