Mini Cinnamon Rolls

Nate and I normally like to eat a nice and healthy breakfast on Sundays.  And by nice and healthy, I mean horribly bad for us.  We try to eat healthy-ish during the week but splurge on the week-ends….especially Sunday morning.

We’ve been skipping our normal unhealthy breakfast for the past few Sundays to recover from the holidays.  This past Sunday we hopped back on the bad-for-us bandwagon.

I saw a recipe over at Iowa Girl Eats for 8 Minute Mini Cinnamon Rolls.  Sign me up!


Look at that concentration.  And the designer outfit.

This recipe is so easy that I made it 100% by myself without annoying Nate once.  Impressive. 

I used the The Pioneer Woman's maple frosting recipe (minus the coffee) to top them off.  Delicious.


Crescent rolls.  Butter. Sugar.  Can you wrong?  Of course not!

Nate and I both thought these were a great substitute for homemade rolls.  Are they as good as homemade rolls?  No.  Were they just as good because they took 30 minutes instead of hours to make?  Yes!!  I think these would be great to serve at a brunch or shower beings that they are bite size and super easy to make.

Iowa Girl Eats recommends eating 2 or 3. 


We may or may not have devoured the plateful.  Oops.

What’s your favorite breakfast dish?  AKA, what should I cook this week-end?  Do share!  Anyone else dumb enough to post pictures of themselves with bedhead on their blog? :)