Blogging Basics- Social Media

First important news of the day.  By popular request, I will share my thoughts on Monistat’s Chaffing Gel on Friday. What has this blog come to? *hangs head* Must finish projects soon so blog does not go down the tube.

Next important news.  Let’s talk about social media.


Have you noticed those pretty yellow social media icons at the top of this blog?  They allow you to easily stalk me on various social networks.  How fun is that?  (You can read a tutorial on how to make them here.)

I did not realize the important role social media played in blogging until just a few months back. Networking with other bloggers makes this whole blogging thing much more fun!

Twitter and facebook are great for:

  • Building relationships with other bloggers.
    • Leaving comments helps establish relationships but messaging back and forth is great too.
    • I mention more day-to-day type things on twitter than I do here on the blog. As do other bloggers.  This kind of chat helps you feel a little more connected to that girl that always covered in paint and/or hot glue.
  • Finding opportunities in blogland.  I don’t know about you but I always feel like I’m behind in the blog world.  Twitter and facebook help me feel a little less behind.
    • “So and so is giving away a free ticket to Haven.”  “Enter this great giveaway here.” “Great link party happening over at …”
  • Promoting your blog.
    • Shameless self promotion is expected…and encouraged!
    • If you think about it, blogging is no different from anything else in life.  If you want to succeed, you have to get out there and tell people how fantastic you are.  And trust me, it’s much easier doing so on your couch behind a monitor than it is in real life.

Why/how I use twitter and facebook.

I was a little hesitant about joining the twitter


I still don’t think I fully understand it. @ this, retweet that.  It’s such a fast paced site.  I may need someone to guest post on how to use twitter.  Don’t let that scare you though.  Sign up.  It’s fun.  Just pretend you know what you’re doing like I do. (Like the time I got my internet fixed after a storm in 2 days versus the 30 I was told on the phone…)

Facebook I can handle…


I like my Decor and the Dog facebook page because it allows me to “like” a bunch of things/places without junking up my personal facebook.  I’m selfish.  When I started my page, I encouraged family and friends to “like” the page if they were interested in reading.  This way they were informed on new posts without me annoying everyone else in my facebook feed.  Brilliant.

Now I here that Google+ is the next big leap for bloggers. Didn’t I just mention always feeling behind? I have an account.  I don’t find it user friendly.  It just may be my old age holding me back.  I’ll let you know when I tackle that one.  Any pointers?

Are you on the twitter?  How about facebook?  Leave your info in the comments so we can all make some new friends via social media!  Not signed up?  Get on it! Any questions regarding social media and how it can benefit your blog?  Fellow bloggers, what benefits have you found from social media?