Worst Grown-up Chore

I often forget that I’m an adult.  Seriously.  I am going on 30, a healthcare professional, and a homeowner…but I just don’t feel like a grown-up.  So naturally, I don’t think that grown-up chores apply to me. 

It has taken me about 10 years to realize that if I leave a dirty pan in the sink to soak, it will not magically wash itself.  That “magic” was my mother.  And I don’t live with her anymore.

I am also learning the hard way that windows do not magically wash themselves.  The windows in our house were installed 3 years ago.  I have washed approximately four of them in that time period.

I started the daunting task of cleaning them this past week-end.  I really wish I would have known how awful washing windows is when we designed this house…because there are a lot of stinking windows….

Mudroom 035

Mudroom 031

Mudroom 030

Mudroom 040

I finished the first floor this week-end.  I will take on the other two floors in the upcoming weeks.  Ugg…maybe I’ll get some arm muscles out the deal? Dream big.

Mudroom 006

We did try out a fun new product (that we purchased ourselves..just mentioning because we liked it!)…Windex Outdoor Window Cleaner.  We were impressed how this cleaner worked on the outside of the picture windows.  All you have to do is spray the window with a garden hose and then scrub the window with the cleaner….

Mudroom 016

The extendable handle was super helpful!  New toys always make icky chores slightly more fun.

What’s your least favorite grown-up chore?  Any secret window washing tips?