Mudroom Update

On Friday I gave you a sneak peek at our mudroom….


This past week-end was the second week-end we spent working on the room.  And we still aren’t done.  I am hoping that next week is “Mudroom Week” here on DecorandtheDog. I’ll share with you how to install board and batten and build benches and cool things (yes, cool things).  Might be wishful thinking.  Board and batten is time consuming!

We are using Olympic Paint to paint the board and batten.  All the fancy bloggers use this paint and rave about.  I have used it previously on furniture and we used it to the paint the blue on the mudroom walls. 

Here’s our opinion….We aren’t huge fans. I know, I know.  I go against everything the “pro” bloggers are telling you.  But it goes on really thin and sort of sticky. (We have a lot of painting experience with Sherwin Williams and Valspar paints and have had no problems.) The first coat with Olympic always looks awful…

Mudroom 017

Why do we keep using it?  Because it doesn’t smell. That is seriously the only reason. The lack of paint fumes is helpful in rooms that have no ventilation…like our mudroom. I also enjoy the lack of headaches caused by paint fumes. The coverage just doesn’t compare to Sherwin Williams or Valspar.  It’s a give and take.  Will I keep using it?  Yes.  Will I continue to be frustrated by it?  Probably.

We finished our second coat this week-end and it will need a third (hopefully only a third)…

Mudroom 021

I do like how it’s turning out though!

And just to make you feel better…

Mudroom 019

I am the world’s messiest painter.  (This was taken before I splattered paint all over my legs.)

Don’t you hate when the fancy bloggers tell you that they don’t tape anything and paint with their eyes closed while wearing evening gowns in full hair and make-up?  Yeah, I am totally one of them.  Can’t you tell?  ( What? A “Future Pharmers of America” pharmacy bar crawl tee-shirt isn’t formal enough for you?  Can you tell I’m from the midwest?)  I also cover every surface with newspaper and tape…or else bad things happen.

There you have it.  The current state of our mudroom!

Have you used Olympic paint?  What are your thoughts?  What’s your favorite paint brand?  Who wants to have a paint off for the messiest painter award?  I will beat you.