Wall Mounted Televisions

Some of the most often asked questions that I receive from this blog are  "How do you have your televisions mounted on the wall without cords?  Where is your cable box?” 

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These are very good questions.  I now finally know the answers after bugging Nate approximately 20 times on how “we” did this.  (If you’ve been reading long enough you’ve probably realized “we” equals “Nate” a lot more than it actually equals “we.”)

First up, the easy question.  “Where do you keep your cable box?”  I’m all over this!!  We only have one.  It’s in the living room on a shelf…


Nate installed a tube that runs from behind the television to the side of the fireplace.  This tube guides the cable wire which allows us to use the cable box in the living room.  It’s not a perfect solution but the boxes blend okay.  (We need to get off our lazy hineys and organize those cords!)

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“How did you mount your television without the wires showing?” 

We had this little advantage called building our own house.  When building, we tried to think of every place possible that we would like to hang a television.  In these areas, we installed an electrical box and cable outlet…

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“How do I do this in my house if I didn’t build it?”

Our answer to that is….call your electrician!!  We did a lot of the electrical work in our house but we are offering zero advice on electrical issues on the blog.  You will need an electrical outlet installed in the wall where you would like your television hung.

They also make a cover for cords.  This cover will “hide” the cords from your floor electrical outlet to the television.  You could paint it to blend into the wall.  Not a perfect solution but much better than a bunch of exposed cords. 

There you have it.  Our television “secret”.  Any further questions.  What are your favorite television shows? 

The funny thing about this post is that I am typing this while watching Big Brother on antenna.  (I will need to publish it at my in-laws later.) A storm hit our area on Tuesday and stuck our cable box which equals no cable television and no internet (gasp!! The horror!)  Just an FYI, if you have Mediacom and you want your cable service fixed sooner than your phone quoted date of 3 weeks (yes, they told me on the phone (twice) that the soonest they could send out a technician was 3 weeks!! No blogging or Pinterest for 3 weeks.  Seriously?)  So I tweeted a nasty message on the Twitter (I call it “THE Twitter”), received a response back in about 3 minutes, and magically they will have a technician out this afternoon.  I am now a fan of the Twitter.  And I won’t write a super nasty post on the evils of Mediacom…unless it isn’t fixed later…