National Dog Day

National Dog Day was founded in 2004 by the Animal Miracle Network to remind pet owners to celebrate the important roles dogs play in humans’ lives and encourages pet owners to honor their furry friends.

I think we’re reminded every day about the importance of this little dude in our lives…


He’s melted our hearts since the beginning….look at those puppy paws…

ike 026

We quickly learned why Wire Fox Terriers puppies so darn cute.  It’s called survival of the fittest.  They are so naughty.  The only way for them to continue on in the world is to be painfully cute…

ike 087

ike 167

May 031

Obviously Ike’s cuteness got him through his puppy years…


I think one of things that we love the most about Ike is his love of life and they joy that he brings.  His little tail is always a wagging and every minute is the best minute of his life…(unless it’s time to give him his eye drops (he has chronic dry eye which equals 2 eye drops twice a day!), bath time, or teeth brushing time…but who can blame him??)) He loves walking, doing tricks, playing with Wubbas, snuggling, and following us from room to room. He helps remind us on a daily basis to live in the now! 

Miller Beach 191


In honor of National Dog Day, tell us all about your favorite canine(s)!