Oh Snap!

Do you have an Android phone, iPhone, or Blackberry?  If not, I highly recommend a smart phone.  I was totally against it.  I was afraid of a phone being smarter than me (which mine is).  I didn’t want to become one of those people who was always on their phone (and I am)….still totally worth it.  My Samsung Mesmerize is like my tiny little child.

Why am I so in love with my phone? For calling people?  What? You can do that?  No, actually it’s the apps.

Nate ran across info on Sherwin-Williams ColorSnap app…isn’t he an awesome husband?


The free app allows you to:

    • capture a color that inspires you and match it to one of 1,500 Sherwin-Williams paint colors.
    • Create a custom palette or Ask Sherwin-Williams for colors that complement your color.
    • Search for specific colors or browse the full Sherwin-Williams color palette right from your iPhone or Blackberry, or Android smart phone.
    • Fine tune colors using lightness, saturation and hue features.
    • Save colors to your "My Saved Colors" library to compare palettes or share via Facebook and email.
    • Learn detailed color information, including color names, RGB values, and LRV numbers—all with the ColorSnap app.
    • Find a Sherwin-Williams Store Near You

Pretty awesome, right?  I feel like this will definitely come in handy!!

I tested it out in our house.  I used my favorite pillow ever as a guinea pig…

March2011 022


After analyzing the color, the app came up with Golden Rule as the matching color.


I tried the app on our walls…which are all painted with Sherwin Williams paint.  It did not match on any wall in our house.  The glares/reflections/flash on the phone camera all probably play a role in affecting the results.  Your phone camera may work better than mine..who knows!

After testing it out, I think it will be useful for matching accent colors….like using Golden Rule as an accent color on some frames in our guest bedroom.  I wouldn’t rely on it for wall colors though!

Who else has a phone that is smarter than they will ever be?  Any other thoughts on useful ideas for this app?