Who Needs Spring?

Do you know what I love about living in Iowa?  It’s totally the weather…oh wait…

It was 90+ degrees yesterday.  It was 45 last week.  I LOVE the heat….but I also love spring.  We haven't seen much of spring yet and I would like to enjoy a few 70 degree/low humidity days before we head into the dog days of summer….Ike is all about the dog days of summer…he missed sunbathing…


It was so nice out that we decided to FINALLY bring out the deck furniture.  Our furniture is from the Martha Stewart line at Home Depot (aka inexpensive).  We purchased it last year.  We both love it.  The furniture is super comfortable and is the perfect size for our space.


The deck is our favorite summer hang out spot. It’s like adding a whole other room to our house.  We love the tree house feel that it has.

We are creatures of habit and the deck definitely plays a role in our nightly routine.  We get home from work, eat, walk 3 miles, and then sit on the deck until it’s dark. Nate plays on his phone.  I read. We occasionally talk to each other (what?, we just went on a 3 mile walk together).  It’s a fabulous way to end the work day!



Here’s the view from the comfiest seat on the deck…the loveseat…


When building the deck we decided not to have stairs to the patio below.  We did this for two reasons.  Reason #1, the dog.  We had to use a baby gate to keep the dog on the deck at our first house.  Neither of us was really digging that for this house.  Reason #2, I’m paranoid and didn’t like the idea of someone coming up the back of my house at night.  The things we do for my craziness…and this guy…


And I hate to admit it…but I was the one who decided to turn on the ceiling fans when I got home last night.  It was painful. It seriously hurt my ego me a lot. All of my pretty chandelier/fan destroying dreams came crashing down into tiny pieces….and then the room was cooler…and Nate gave me that “I told you so” look that I love so much. I actually hate this fan the least of any ceiling fan.  It’s called the Dragonfly.  I don’t remember who makes it.  I just liked the name.


How are you preparing for spring/summer?  Do you have a favorite spring/summer hangout?

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