House Tour- Mudroom

You caught a sneak peak our mudroom in a previous post.
Here’s the full tour….small spaces are so hard to photograph…
View from hallway
View from garage

View looking towards hallway

Amazingly boring, right? 

Don’t worry.  I have plans.  They involve my father-in-law, some tools, and some lumber…maybe some coat hooks and storage baskets.  I just need to finalize some ideas…if you’ve been reading long enough you know that I’m nothing but indecisive!

And because I feel bad lying to you…I hate when bloggers do that…this is what our mudroom actually looks like…


It houses a lovely dog litter box. 

Yes, Ike is litter trained.  I can think of no possible way to make this attractive but trust me, it’s worth the ugliness to not have to take the dog outside to do his business in an Iowa blizzard.

There you have it.  The truth.  I feel so much better.

Anyone have any great mudroom inspiration photos?

Anyone have any clever ways to help me out with this litter box situation?  The one major problem is that he won’t use it if there is anything in his way to get to it….he’s lazy…