Curtain Woes

Remember my master bedroom curtain drama?  I went from curtains to roman shades and back to curtains again.  (Read about it here.) (Take a tour of our master bedroom here.)

After searching for every grey/silver/platinum curtain ever made (Seriously. I wish I was joking.), I narrowed the selection down to these 3 options…all from West Elm…

curtain collage

I bit the bullet back in February and ordered option B (even though I am still madly in love with C….I just could not bring myself to spend over half of my monthly budget on curtains….just couldn’t do it….but they are so very pretty…). But I think know option B will look equally as fabulous for about half of the cost.

Why aren’t these babies hanging yet??? 

Back in February they were on back order until March 9th.  Fine. Whatever.

On March 10th I clicked on my order history to find out that they were on further back order until March 29th…..this is like moving Christmas morning…or my birthday….come on West Elm!!  Don’t do this to a girl with no patience!!!

As March 29th “back order day” draws near , I have this horrible fear that I am going to wait this long and the grey is going to be all wrong in our bedroom. 

Does anyone else have panic attacks about curtains? 

Have you waited for something that was on back order for what seemed like a lifetime?  How’d it turn out?