Mulch Island

Sounds pretty exotic, right?

We have been having some pretty wonderful spring-like weather here in Iowa.

Nate and I have both come down with a pretty bad case of spring fever. 

We can’t wait to get back to working on our yard.  We’re weirdos that like playing in dirt and mulch.

This is the hot mess of a side yard that we started with…


Pretty, huh??

Nate whacked out all of the undergrowth (tiny trees, weeds, more weeds, etc) while I hauled the nastiness down to the tree line.  Why do I always get the awesome jobs???

Which left us with this….

May 036

Definitely an improvement but there was obviously still some work to be done.

We wanted to create a “mulch island.” 

Nate edged around the perimeter with a square shovel to help keep the mulch in the “island”.

He then sprayed the weeds in the “island”.  (I prefer to keep things as chemical free as possible but Nate likes a pretty yard and that involves chemicals.  I’m dealing.  He has his weed killer.  I have my spray paint.)

We then went to a local nursery and purchased a truck load of mulch which we spread throughout the island.  It took a couple of truck loads.  We then realized it was actually less expensive and more convenient to have it delivered.  Lesson learned.

We planted some plants in the “island” (most were free from my parents..score!) and we ended last summer with this…


We’re excited to freshen up the mulch and see if all of our plants survived!

We’re also excited to work on some other areas of the yard as well…which we will definitely keep you posted on!

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Anyone else have spring fever and itching to get back out in the yard???