Dog Litter

As you learned on Tuesday, Ike is litter trained.

Had you heard of litter training your dog before Tuesday’s post?  We hadn't heard of it until Nate’s sister tried it with her maltipoo…and it worked.

Today Ike and I will answer some common questions we get from friends and co-workers when they hear about this litter training business…get it, business…


They make litter for dogs?:  Yes.  We use SecondNature by Purina. They make special dog litter boxes as well. (You can visit their website here for even more information.)

Where do you buy the litter/litter box?:  We get ours at PetSmart.  It’s about $20 for a bag that lasts about 2-3 weeks.

Is it like cat litter?:  No.  The litter is big pellets of paper and wood pulp products.

Does it smell?:  The litter has kind of a pine smell to it.  It’s definitely not strong though.  It doesn’t smell like cat litter does.  The box will smell if we don’t clean it out regularly..but that’s common sense. 

How often do you clean it?:  We clean his #2 out (I can’t believe I’m actually posting about dog crap..what is this blog coming to?) right away (with a poo bag). Otherwise we clean it out about every other day.  We use a cat litter scoop to clean out any wet areas.

Was it easy to train him?:  Yes. He had very little accidents as a puppy.  We kept him confined to our kitchen area and took him to the box about every 15 minutes.  He caught on in only a few days.

What are the pros of litter training your dog?: 
  • We are lazy so not having to take the dog outside is awesome.
  • He doesn’t have to go outside and get all muddy, snowy, etc. 
  • Did I mention that we are lazy.  In the morning we let him out of his cage (Nate is mean and won't let him sleep in the bed)...and he heads on down to use the facilities while we get ready for work.
  • He has one in his exercise pen that he stays in while we are at work.  We don’t have to worry about rushing home to make sure the poor dog doesn’t have an accident.  This makes him pretty self sufficient.
What are the cons of litter training your dog?: 
  • Sometimes he gets lazy and doesn’t like to go all of the way in the box…which leaves us with a mess. 
  • We have to lug a litter box when we travel.  (We do have a spare at my parents’ house). 
  • He doesn’t know how to tell us that he has to go if we are somewhere besides home.
    • Ike would like to take this time to apologize to his grandmother for last night's rug incident...Sorry!!
  • There is an ugly dog litter box in our mudroom.
Would you recommend litter training?:  Absolutely.  Best invention ever for dogs under $25 pounds!!

Any other questions?  We’ll answer them all!!