Fall Home Decor Finds

I’ve been hesitant to put out any Fall decor because it’s still Summer here in Iowa. Curling up in a pumpkin colored Sherpa throw sounds like a form of torture even for this always cold young lady. (Hey, it’s my blog. I can throw around adjectives like “young” all I want.)

Iowa weather is finicky. Cold weather will be here sooner than I like. Until then I’ll be in my backyard pool (kiddie version) sipping pumpkin spice margaritas. (Is that a thing? Should it be a thing?)

I have been stalking Target’s home decor section. I’m currently 25 days into a shopping ban. Once that calendar flips our house will reek of pumpkin spice and be covered in goldenrod!

Are you a seasonal decorator? Are you a team Fall decorating, Halloween or both?