Cute Halloween Pajamas for Baby & Toddler

Is there any greater joy in motherhood than dressing your children in matching holiday pajamas? That’s right. There isn’t. (Ok, fine. There’s the whole learning new skills and teaching them to be decent human beings stuff but besides that.)

All of those sleepless nights are quickly erased when your babies wear matching Halloween donut pajamas. Am I right?

I’m excited that Halloween is just around the corner and we can pull a couple of these out in the next few weeks!

Now I need to get to work on Halloween costumes. Clark has insisted on Donald Duck. You know, the one costume that they don’t make for preschoolers. Hence the reason he’ll be wearing matching pajamas with his sister until he’s 48. He’ll be 26 and I’ll be like “REMEMBER THAT DONALD DUCK COSTUME WHEN YOU WERE 4? PUT ON THESE MATCHING GHOSTS!”

Have you started thinking about Halloween yet? What are your costume plans (adult or kiddos!)?