July 4th Weekend/Projects

Oh hey, blog.  Long time no write.  Let's ease back into this blogging thing with a post with mostly horrible quality photos.

We've been enjoying a busy Summer.  Our July 4th holiday weekend was a fun one.  My family was in town.  We spent some time thrifting and watching fireworks by the Mississippi.  (These fireworks photos are the only good ones in this entire post.  Nate has tips on photographing fireworks here.)

The weather on the 4th was seriously perfect.  We tried out a new spot and it was quite peaceful.

On the 4th we looked quite festive.  Ike loves his holiday tie.  He was quite upset when he had to go back to his boring old collar.

Ike forgets to pace himself when we have company.  This was 12 hours after the family arrived.

Besides entertaining the family, we put them to work.  I seriously can't thank them enough for the amount of help they provided us.  We've got less than 10 weeks until the baby is scheduled to arrive and for some reason, I feel like we need to complete ALL OF THE PROJECTS.  I think it's called nesting or something.  I'm trying not to read much on pregnancy but I think that sounds right. 

Here's a sneak peak at what we've been working on.  The horrible photo quality is intentional to keep the suspense. I swear.

My mom painted the powder room.  The stencil is gone.  I kept pondering painting over it.  It just didn't feel right.  Nate and I both love the new color, Seared Gray by Behr (kindly supplied to us by the lovely Kim {NewlyWoodwards}).  It's this deep sometimes navy, sometimes black color.  I have some awesome prints on order from Etsy and a mirror idea in my head.  I'll post the final reveal when those steps are finalized.  Hopefully soon!  Because baby!!!!

Even though my brother's food baby is scheduled to arrive any day now, he offered to paint the baby's bathroom area. 

He hated the colors as much as I did.  (These are the only befores I can find.  So pretty!)

He painted the sink areas with paint I had left over from my craft room.  The color is Sherwin Williams March Wind.  Our house is now free of that hideous yellow.

We'd eventually like to switch out the hardware and get new light fixtures but those things are easy fixes and not pressing right now.  Or at least that's what Nate is telling me.

The toilet area of the Jack and Jill bath from originally painted Sherwin Williams Svelte Sage.  It was fine but we weren't in love.  And we had free painting help.

I really need the wide angle for this room and for the sun to shine in Iowa but we went with Sherwin Williams Poolhouse for this area.  It's the same color as our master bedroom.  I'll post better photos of this space if the sun ever shines again and when I finish hanging some art.

Everyone is very curious on the nursery.  Well, it's looking like this.

July 4 Nursery.jpg

At least there's a crib, right?  I've been working on organizing the closet.  Nate made excellent progress on the built-ins this past weekend.  Here's a preview.  They should be headed up to the room this week!

It feels good to be making some progress.  We'll hopefully have quite a few completed house projects in the next few weeks!