Black and White Cross Quilt

I was going to apologize for the amount of baby crap about to hit this blog.  I won't though.  I don't know what it is but once there's a fetus inside of you, you can only think about babies.  What do I do with a newborn?  How do I find a pediatrician?  Where shall my baby hang once I go back to work? What are good developmental toys for babies? How exactly does breastfeeding work?  It's like a whole other world that I know nothing about and I'm all about information.  All of these questions leave little time for other human related things.  So long story long, I'm currently only capable of talking about baby junk.  Trust me, it's sort of equally annoying to me too.

Not only am I growing a human but a ton of my close friends are too.  Our hangouts have all turned to baby talk.  I swore this day would never happen.  And it has.  I'm totally still holding strong on my anti-minivan stance though.

My best friend is expecting her little boy about 6 weeks before ours is to arrive.  I asked her if she would like a quilt.  Of course she picked out a quilt that I wasn't exactly sure how to tackle but was extremely cute and stylish.  There are reasons why we're friends.  She had her eyes on a black and white cross quilt.

I couldn't find a great tutorial but after studying some other quilts, I realized that these quilts are just squares pieced together.  Easy enough!

I used 2 packs of Kona White Charm Packs and 1 pack of Kona Black Charm Pack. Using the charm packs makes piecing this quilt a breeze because you don't have to cut the squares!

My friend asked for a grey background and striped binding.  I quilted this quilt diagonally using black thread.  The piecing of the quilt is super easy but the quilting was a bit more time consuming. I used painter's tape to guide my diagonal lines.  My quilting isn't perfect but the puckering that occurs after a few washes easily hides the little imperfections.

My friend is extremely lucky I like her because it was extremely hard giving this quilt up.  I'm thinking hard about making one for our little dude.  I'm currently working on another one for his nursery though and I probably should wait and see how that goes.  I keep forgetting I'm pregnant and I need to slow down a little.  Details.

Now give me your #1 piece of baby advice.  The more info I gain, the quicker I can go back to destroying my house.