Outdoor Projects and Happenings

Nate and I have been super busy getting our yard in shape for Summer.  It seems that we are extra on top of it this year.  I think the combination of some excellent weather and a busy Summer ahead was just the push we needed.  Things are looking quite charming (and patriotic) around here!

We hang the bunting up Memorial Day weekend and it stays up until Labor Day. It makes me smile every time I pull into the driveway. It's definitely a tradition will carry on.

I planted approximately 1000 petunias and all of them are still alive. #miracle Let's hope I don't lose interest in the next few months.  The nice thing with petunias is once they are established, they are pretty self sufficient. 

The only downfall is that there are (I'm guessing and probably exaggerating) 50 snakes living in that retaining wall.  I don't do snakes.  They're approximately 8 feel long.  Or 6 inches.  Close enough.  The snakes make watering these petunias an adventure.

I planted another flower tower this year.  It always looks a little sad at first but fills in nicely.  (Check it out in almost full glory here!)  It's the talk of the neighborhood.  We just had a neighbor stop by wanting directions on how to build one. (Find those here!)

Our herb/geranium garden is also growing strong this year.  (Directions on this build here!) 

The pink gnome doesn't really match but he's still cute.  I have, however, been keeping an eye on him after reading this free Craigslist posting.

I'm tempted to go get him because I feel like he's just misunderstood.  I think he'd fit in nicely around here.