Ike Gets a Sister or a Brother?

Ike has big news to share today!  He's going to tell you whether he's getting a sister or a brother!

Okay, I think he was more excited about new bandanas and cheese bribery than the thought of a sibling.  We'll go with it though.

Turns out the Chinese were right and they Mayans were wrong, Ike is pleased to announce he's getting a baby brother in September!

We have a healthy 21 week, 15 oz baby boy cooking away!  And he's quite cute if I do say so myself.

Our ultrasound tech asked if he we were finding out gender.  We said we were and she said "Oh, looks like we're team blue."  Nate and I were both confused. We were both thinking it was a boy but how did she know? Turns out we both wore blue.  Totally unplanned.

Let the nursery planning and sibling rivalry begin!