Iowa State Fair Photography Submission

Whoa.  How is it Monday already?  Nate and I were busy bees. 

On Saturday, we hit up the Farmer's Market.  Nate finished building the built-ins.  I did lame housewife chores and started touching up the trim on the first floor.

Yesterday, however, was a very exciting day.  We headed to Des Moines to the Iowa State Fair Grounds (and Zombie Burger.  Mmmm, Zombie Burger.  And the Tile Shop.  Mmm, hearth tile). 

But Michelle, the fair hasn't started yet.  Why would you go without the corn dogs and fried Oreos? Because Nate had two of his photos selected for display at the fair which starts this Thursday!  There was an award's ceremony and reception for those whose photos were chosen.

Iowa State Fair Photography Submission

Miley (the calf) won Honorable Mention in the Animals, Insects and Wildlife category. I'm so proud of her and Nate!

Nate and I both prefer Miley in color but this year all photos had to be submitted in black and white.  The black and white theme was to celebrate 75 years of photography at the Iowa State Fair and to salute Ansel Adams.  (Ansel Adams is one of the world's most famous black and white photographers.  I totally knew that before this year.  Totally.)

I had no clue how tough it was to get a photo selected for display at the fair.  Below are this year's numbers.  Nate entered Class 13 (Iowa Places and Landscapes) and Class 18 (Animals, Insects and Wildlife).

Iowa State Fair Photography Submission

I also thought it was pretty cool that Nate was one of the 125 that had two photos displayed.  #proudwife

Iowa State Fair Photography Submission

Here are the two photos selected for display.  (Both are available in our photo shop!)

The always lovely, Miley the calf.  This photo never fails to make me smile.  I like that she so's cute, yet sassy.  That tongue kills me!

Iowa State Fair Photography Submission - Animals, Insects and Wildlife

We renamed this photo "Almost Harvest" and it will soon be hanging by our front door! 

Iowa State Fair Photography Submission - Iowa Places and Landscapes

Don't worry.  We're headed back to the fair later this week for those corn dogs and fried Oreos! 

Anyone headed to the Iowa State Fair this year?  Be sure to stop by the 3rd floor of the Cultural Center to check out all of the amazing photos!  Do you have Miley displayed in your home?  We'd love to hear about it!