Office Book Shelves

Remember that office of ours that I've been working on since like 2008?  Or was it this year?  I can't remember it's been so long.  

Back in February I painted the walls Thunder Gray (Sherwin Williams).  I then removed the burlap that was on the back of the built-in shelves and painted that area Fawn Brindle (Sherwin Williams).

I finally got around to adding some books/tchotchkes and getting the place in order. (Side note: Nate and I can't say tchotchkes without following with Office Space quotes.  It's a problem.)

Office built-ins with globes

Styling isn't really my strong suit.  I don't have a bunch of "things" laying around.   "Things" make me a little nervous. I'm also not into dragging around accessories from one room or another just for blog photos (Which I'm finding is the key to blog styling.  Which is why I'll never make the good bloggers club).  I have been slowly acquiring things that have a permanent home in this room.  I'm going with old books, clocks and cameras.  I purchased most of the books at our library's sale for 50 cents.  (I'm still on the hunt for some more.)  We got the cameras for around $5 at our local Salvation Army.

Office Shelf Styling
Office Shelves

Excuse my blurry photo.  Nate got a new camera.  I'm trying to learn to use.  It's going well.  Moving on.

The globe collection returned.  It's one of my favorites.

Globe Collection.  Globes as decor.
Office Shelves.  Globe collection.

I'm still on the hunt for an office chair.  It will help hide that computer mess under there. 

Office Built-ins with Globe Collection

I might have a full room tour someday.  Complete with the card catalog cabinet and industrial shelves.  Unfortunately there is a living room coffee table and 8x10 rug currently taking over the rest of this room.  Some day.

Speaking of the industrial shelves, the winner of the Autosense drill is announced in the comments.  Was it you?