Living Room Wall Sconce Options

Well hello, Friday.  I've been waiting all week for you.  I'm actually waiting on Saturday but you'll do.  LONGEST WEEK EVER.

Nate and I have both been a little under the weather this week.  Instead of spending our evenings finishing up our wall molding project, we've been catching up on Big Brother and Fixer Upper.  That's productive in it's own way.  (I'm super obsessed with Fixer Upper and I sort of hope Joanna magically wants to come take over our living room project.) 

While couch lounging and snot blowing, we did do a little looking at sconces.

You may remember that our living room and sconces looked like this.  I'm sort of too lazy to find a better picture. 

Living Room Sconce Options

We didn't really think about replacing the sconces until they came down.  They are fine.  But that's just it, "fine".  We weren't really excited about putting them back up and decided to do some browsing for other options.  These sconces are our main lighting source for the living room so they definitely need to be functional in addition to pretty.

I've had some requests for us to share our decision making process on various projects.  My process usually involves pinning anything and everything that I think could possibly work.  I then go through the options with Nate.  We ponder them for a few days.  Sometimes we decide on one of the options.  Other times we happen to walk by something in a store and just buy and go with it.  We're pretty random and that's why I usually don't post the process.  Because we're nuts and all over the place.  We'll try it today though.

Here are few options that we are considering for our living room sconces.

We've narrowed it down to the four options above.  They are all very similar.  We like the industrial vibe with the fancy Edison bulbs.  Problem is all of these babies are $100+.  And we're cheap.  Er, frugal.  Yeah, frugal.

After making our own lamp, we are now considering making our own sconces.  Crazy?  Yes.  100%.  Hands down.  Send medication soon.  Or maybe we'll just buy one of these options with the extra money I've made by working way too much lately.  Decisions.

Any other great sconce suggestions?  Preferably super cheap.  Er, frugal.  Has anyone tackled sconce making?

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