$100 The Home Depot Giveaway + DIY Workshop

Thanks to The Home Depot for sponsoring today's post.

While I was gallivanting around Atlanta, Nate was representing Decor and the Dog at The Home Depot in West Des Moines.  Ike was playing frisbee golf with his dog cousin.  Ike's all play, no work.


Nate helped co-lead a DIY workshop on lighting.  I asked him to write about his experience so I could share it on the blog.  This was his response.

Uhh, I went to The Home Depot.  I talked about the blog.  We talked about lighting.  It was fun.  Some people were there.  We taught them stuff.  And then we went home.

I married a man of many words.  This is why Decor and the Dog is a team effort.  I come up with crazy ideas.  He executes them.  I then write about them as if I did all of the work.  Go team!

This is how I imagine the DIY workshop went down.

A handful of people showed up to the workshop to learn about lighting techniques.  Each attendee had a different lighting interest.  One wanted to learn about dimmers.  The other had recently purchased a home built in 1920.  Others were just interested to see what was going on.

The Home Depot Giveaway

The DIY Workshop was led by a very knowledgeable man named Bill.  Bill was well versed in all things lighting.  Sidenote, one of Nate and I's favorite thing about shopping at The Home Depot is that there are usually a few older employees that offer their assistance.  They are always super helpful and call us "kids".  Which us no longer in our 20s "kids" appreciate.

The Home Depot DIY Workshop

Hey, look.  There's our DIY lamp!

Bill and Nate talked about how colors look under different types of light bulbs.  The attendees of the DIY workshop tested out paint swatches of some of their favorite colors to determine which type of light would work best in their homes.

The Home Depot DIY Workshop

Nate and Bill helped answer questions that the attendees had.  Hopefully everyone walked away with a better knowledge of lighting options.

At the end of the workshop, gift cards were given away.  Beings most of you weren't able to make it to West Des Moines, The Home Depot was kind enough to offer a gift card to one lucky Decor and the Dog reader.  Enter below using the Rafflecopter prompts!

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