Two Story Wall Molding

Don't let the title confuse you.  Our wall isn't molding.  We're adding molding to it.  The English language is confusing.

As you may recall, this was our wall o' windows in our living room.

Two Story Living Room

If we could do things over again, we'd either:

A. Move the windows closer to close in that middle gap.

B. Make the windows larger to close in that middle gap.

C. Put small windows in between what is there now to close in that middle gap.

Two Story Living Room

Can you tell we have middle gap issues?  Neither of us saw the issue at the time of building.  Oh, young Nate and Michelle. 

Old Nate and Michelle are working on a solution.   If we were billionaires Nate and Michelle, we'd totally slap some windows in the middle of that business and go on our merry way.  Beings we are modest income Nate and Michelle, we are going to add some molding.

We've made some progress on this wall.  We tore off the old window trim and painted the wall a Sherwin Williams stock bright white.  Why?  Because we were too lazy to pick out some random shade of white.  That's how we roll.

Pretty, no?  It looks awful right now.  Keep in mind there will be book cases and a new mantel.  Hence, the two-toned poorly painted look we have going on right now.  I'm just trying to focus on our vision.  Which is this.

Two Story Wall Molding

If I squint just right, I can totally see it.  Wall of molding. Pretty mantel area.  Shiny wood floors.  

We've got a start on it and I'm feeling better already!

Two Story Living Room

We'll have some finished photos and information on the process once we finish filling in nailing holes, caulking and removing the giant ladder.  So, you know, in approximately 6 months.