Moss + Barn Wood + Craft Night

Happy Monday!  We spent our entire weekend painting.  We can't move.  But the walls are pretty.  More on that later.  When I have enough energy to photograph them.  And when I'm capable of writing complete sentences.  So probably next week.

Last Wednesday night was craft night.  We whipped up these fun little barn wood and moss signs.

Craft Night {Moss and Barn Wood}

Some of us chose monograms.  Some of us chose house numbers.  Normally I wouldn't post house numbers but you don't know my the names of my friends.  Except for Kim.  I'd totally lead you to her house though.  She'd probably invite you in and hug you.  

Craft Night {Moss and Barn Wood}

I'm sharing this craft with you all because it's ridiculously easy and looks fancy.  Everyone's favorite type of craft.  As you can see above, it's very easy to personalize.

You will need...

Moss Mat

Barn Wood (or any wood)

Letter or number to trace

Hot glue

Trace your letter/number onto the moss mat.  Be sure to trace it backwards or bad things will happen.  Like having to trace again.

Craft Night {Moss and Barn Wood}

Glue the moss onto the barn wood.  Attach a ribbon or twine to the top to hang. 

Craft Night {Moss and Barn Wood}

Easiest craft ever.  I recommend this craft for craft night because it leaves more time for eating and talking.  Our group's craft night priorities are talking, eating and crafting.  In that order.  Just don't tell our husbands.

Craft Night {Moss and Barn Wood}
Craft Night {Moss and Barn Wood}

I would like to thank Shannon for hosting and having an awesome table cloth for a photo backdrop.  I know that's what she was intending it for.

Any great craft night crafting ideas for us?

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