The Best Thrifting Day Ever

We had a garage sale on Saturday.  It was a huge success.   We opened early because there were people in multiple cars in our driveway.  We were then swarmed by a massive group of people.  Like seriously 20-30 running through our garage grabbing things.  It was like the day after Thanksgiving at Walmart.  I hated to tell them that we truly didn't have anything but junk.  Just like Walmart.

Garage Sale | Decor and the Dog

The freaky thing is that we didn't really even advertise.  The whole thing was nuts.  Luckily it calmed down enough for me to enjoy my iced coffee and then hit the thrifting trail.

Garage Sale Day

After driving through a few neighborhoods, I was certain the garage sales were going to be a bust.  SO MANY BABY CLOTHES.  But then I spied a treasure.  I yelled at Nate to stop the car. Literally yelled.  

Garage Sale Find

This lovely lady came home with us.  She needs some new clothes but has a lovely shape.

That was our only garage sale score.  Womp. Womp.  Luckily Nate's mom and sister wanted to know if we wanted to join them for some local antique shopping.  Of course.

Unfortunately I was dumb and told Nate like two days earlier that I was only going to buy necessities in May.  I had been striking out big time at thrift stores so I thought I was safe.  I was serious too.  No messing around.  

Until I found a vintage Coach crossbody bag in perfect condition.  I then had to plead my case that a vintage purse was a necessity.  I tried the line of "putting a smile on my face is worth it" or something ridiculous like that.  Short story long, he caved.  Poor, poor Nate.  Literally.

Vintage Coach Crossbody Purse

In an effort to cheer him up, I let him buy this vintage camera and necklace for me too. He likes cameras.  We actually have a DIY project involving some cameras coming up soon.  Next week?  The week after?

Vintage Camera
Vintage necklace

We were both looking at books and Nate's mom mentioned a book sale at the local library.  50 cents for hard covers.  Count us in.

Vintage books

They even had quite a few vintage books left.  Bonus!  Ike approved.

Vintage Books

Maybe now I can finish those office shelves.  

What's the point of this post? I don't remember.  Oh yes, best thrifting day ever.  

And now for a cute photo for my dog to make up for my ramblings. ;)

Adorable Ike the Wire Fox Terrier

Find any good treasures lately?  A vintage Coach purse is totally a necessity, right? Right?