DIY Apron/Dish Towels with Mrs Meyers Clean Day

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Today, in this sponsored post, I am excited to share with you one of my favorite cleaning products, Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day®

Did you know that Mrs. Meyer is a real lady.  A real lady from the coolest state around.  (Iowa, just so we're clear.)  Thelma Meyer is the cutest and I want to go knock on her door.  (Watch this video and you will too.)

Mrs. Meyer is a homemaker that has nine children.  Nine.  Oh my.  Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day® started when one of Thelma's nine children was walking down the cleaning aisle eying all of the cleaning products with their harsh, stinky chemicals.  She decided to make cleaning products that smell like the garden but still "work like the dickens on dirt and grime."

A few years ago I made the switch to safer cleaner products.  My search for the best all purpose cleaner ended when I found Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day. Other products I tried just didn't clean like I wanted them to.  I also think I psychologically need things to smell clean.  Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day® scents include Lavendar, Lemon Verbana, Basil and Geranium just to name a few.  They are all scents based off things found in her garden in Iowa.  (My favorites are the Lavendar and Lemon Verbana.  But Geranium takes me back to Summer which I am already longing for.  Iowa Pine is a holiday favorite.)  All of the products are earth-friendly, cruelty-free and not tested on animals yet they still clean like the dickens.  (My newest favorite saying.)

Mrs. Meyer is an inspirational lady and she encourages everyone to find inspiration around them.  It may not always be easy to find but it's there.  For this post I was encouraged to look for inspiration in every day things and create a project inspired by the beauty in homemaking.

I found the table cloth below at a local vintage store.  It was so pretty.  Upon further inspection, I noticed that the center was in pretty bad shape.  There was a poor patch job and some stains.  The edges were so pretty though and I had a plan.

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day® DIY Dish Towel Tutorial

The edges could easily be turned into dish towels.  Dish towels can easily be turned into aprons.  This vintage tablecloth was going to have a second life!

To make a dish towel, you simply cut a rectangle and hem the edges.  This stuff isn't rocket science but it is a great way to salvage those old pieces.

To get a neat edge, I fold over one edge about 1/4" and then iron.  I then fold that edge over again and sew.  Do this on any unfinished edge.  I kept any pre-finished edges from the tablecloth.

Easy peasy, right?  And look how pretty it is!

So pretty that I whipped up a couple!

Dish towels make a great base for aprons.  My motto is that one can never have too many aprons.  Especially pretty ones made from vintage tablecloths.

To make the apron, you make a dish towel.  (You can keep one long edge unfinished if you would like.)  Grab either some ribbon or cut of your tablecloth.  If you cut a piece, you can hem the edges for a clean look. I was lazy and just folded them under.  I wrap the ribbon around my waist to determine how long I will need it.  I usually go a little long on this step and cut any extra at the end.

I often add pleats to my aprons.  Start by folding your dish towel in half.  Pinch together the middle like the photo on the left below.  Pin each fold.

Place two more pleats as show below.  (I fold the half in half.)

Sew a straight line across.

Attach your ribbon to the dish towel by sewing a rectangle on the parts that touch.

I told you that was easy!

From one $6 tablecloth I was able to make an apron and four dish towels.  Not too shabby!  I'm now on a hunt for all of the vintage tablecloths in Iowa!

This project was a fun little reminder that homegrown inspiration is everywhere and in everyday items!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of the Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day®.