Sources for Inexpensive Pillows

You may have noticed in some previous posts that I have updated our living room pillows to go with the new living room look.  Nate thinks I have a pillow problem.  I don't know what he's talking about.  Per usual.

I may swap out pillows often but it's because I only buy inexpensive pillows.  Today I'm going to share my inexpensive pillow sources just in case you're in the market to update those head cushions.

Sources for Inexpensive Pillows

Ike finds pillow talk boring.  Let's hope you have a longer attention span than my cute and sleepy terrier.

Sources for Inexpensive Pillows

As you can see, Sir Ike has no limits in our home. He's allowed to lounge where he pleases.  He's also quite sophisticated and usually needs a pillow to rest his darling head.

For this reason, there is no way that I would spend $50 on a pillow.  Let's be real. I wouldn't spend $50 on a pillow if I didn't live with a royal dog.  I'd end up drooling on it during nap time or something.  In our house, pillows need to be under $20.  Preferably way under.

While we're on the subject of living with royalty, not only do my pillows have to be inexpensive but they also have to pass Princess Nate inspection.  The last pillows I bought for $7 (HOLY STEAL) were "too scratchy".  I asked how he likes the new H&M velvet pillows and I guess they "make his head too hot".  Good thing Winter is coming. 

Sources for Inexpensive Pillows

My current pillow selection include pillows from H&M, IKEA and my fabric stash.  All of these pillows were under $15.

Sources for Inexpensive Pillows
Sources for Inexpensive Pillows

I made the telephone pillow using this pillow tutorial, heat transfer material and my fancy new Silhouette.

Sources for Inexpensive Pillows

My favorites sources for pillows under $20 include:

  • H&M
    • I really like these velvet pillow covers for $9.95!  Our leopard and striped cover are also from H&M.
  • IKEA
  • Make Your Own
  • Etsy
    • Etsy has a great selection of inexpensive pillows if you don't want to make your own.
  • Target clearance section
    • I have found pillows for as low as $5 in the clearance section.  You have to be patient and check often.
  • World Market
    • Watch for sales around the holidays were they usually have pillows for $10.
  • TJMaxx
    • TJMaxx is hit or miss.  I usually have better luck with bedroom pillows here.
  • Walmart
    • The Better Homes and Gardens collection is changing my thoughts on Walmart's decor section.
  • Hobby Lobby
    • Love 'em or hate 'em.  Either way. They have some super cute pillow covers for $10. (They are located near the fabric section.)
Sources for Inexpensive Pillows

Ike's favorite?  That green H&M velvet pillow.  He's claimed it as his own.

Great Sources for Inexpensive Pillows.  Most under $20.

What's your favorite pillow source?