Cheeseburger Cups with Homemade Biscuits

Happy Friday!  It's been quite the week weather-wise here.  We started the week with -50 windchills.  Today it's supposed to rain.  Iowa is weird.

I'm blogging about the weather.  Oh, boy.  I have projects for next week.  Pinky swear.  And my Christmas tree might be down then.  Bonus.

Today I'd like to share with you an update to one of our  favorite quick and easy dinner recipes, Cheeseburger Cups.

Cheeseburger Cups {Decor and the Dog}

Nate and I have been trying to eliminate processed food from our diet. (We're not clean eaters.  We like flour.  We like ketchup.  We just want our food to no longer come in a box, bag or can.)  We've done fairly well over the past 4 months or so.  The problem is that like all good people from the Midwest, we like our comfort food.  We were missing our cheeseburger cups.  The problem with our old cheeseburger cups is that they are made with refrigerated biscuits.  Although delicious, the biscuits don't really fit well into our new eating plan.

The other night we decided to make them using our favorite baking powder biscuits.  (We also shred our own cheese now instead of buying the packaged stuff.)  Nate and I figured there was no way they would taste as good.  Turns out we both thought they were better.  Yay for real food.  

Enjoy this easy dinner idea!

Cheeseburger Cups with Homemade Biscuits {Decor and the Dog}

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Hope your weekend is fabulous!  We have plans to help a friend with her nursery and get our house in order. See you Monday!