Wanted: Good Looking Legs

Nate and I've been on the hunt for some good looking legs. 

Curvy.  Interesting. Substantial.  Full of character.  You know, characteristics that a lot of people want in their dining room table legs. 

We both agreed that we wanted big ol' curvy legs for our eight foot long dining room table.   Simple, boring legs weren't going to cut it.

We started our search at our local big box stores.  We knew shipping on legs would probably be expensive so we wanted to try to avoid that if possible.  We went to every store in our area that we could think that would carry table legs.

We ended up purchasing the legs on the right from Lowe's at $23 per leg. 


table legs.jpg

They were the only legs locally that came close to what we were looking for.  The price was right. The only problem was that they were 35 inches tall (counter height) versus 30 inches (table height).   Nate thought we could make it work.  (We were pretty much desperate at this point.)  We got them home and started to plan out the table.  Nate couldn't cut from the top and I didn't really want to lose the detail at the bottom.  We decided to not just "make it work" and returned them.

We did some on-line searching and came across some plans from Ana White that included the most beautiful table legs known to man.   These dream legs are the husky dining table legs from Osborne Wood Products.

The legs of our dreams, however ,came with a husky price tag at $54 per leg (plus $50 shipping).  (Well, it seemed husky at the time.  After comparing many other chunky legs, we soon realized that these giant stems were a pretty decent deal. )

But we're cheap.  Did we really want to spend $250 on table legs?   

We sat on it.  We hemmed and hawed.  We both kept going to back to the husky beauties. 

We priced other eight foot farmhouse tables and they averaged around $1200 in price.   We only needed to purchase an additional $30 in materials to finish this table (because we had some free barn wood siting in our garage.)  We decided that the $250 was worth it to build the dining table we both really wanted.  

We had a pleasant ordering experience from Osborne Wood Products.  Their customer service e-mailed after our purchase to make sure we found everything we were looking for.  The legs arrived quickly.  They called after delivery to make sure we were happy with our order.  We'd 100% order from them again.

Who knew finding the right set of legs would be such a challenge but end so well?


osborne wood products husky dining table leg.jpg

The things that excite us as DIYing adults! 

Osborne Wood Products doesn't know about our blog so it's safe to say we were not compensated in any way for this post.  We just wanted to assist others that might be in the market for some husky legs.

Who's a fan of big, chunky legs?  We prefers super skinny ones?  Who has never thought about table legs in their life until today? 

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