Relaxing Vacations and Other Awesome Things

Happy Friday!  I hope you all have big plans for the weekend. 

We plan to spend the weekend:

Sleeping in.   Well, Ike will want up at 5:00am only so he can snuggle in bed with me.  He's so cute that I can't complain.


Eating all things pumpkin.   I made these muffins last weekend. I will make them again this weekend.  And the next.  And the next.


Finishing up my craft from last night's craft night.  Do you all have a craft night group?  I highly recommend getting one.   You can't have mine though because I love them all.  Except they are sort of making me want a squishy baby because all of their squishy babies are so cute.  Someone talk some sense into me! Melissa? Amanda?  Help!


I also have a Sew Midwestern quilt order to finish up.  This quilt is puppy dog themed and Ike thinks it's his.  He will be sad when it gets shipped off. I do, however, have a dog bed plan for him (finally) so hopefully I can keep the peace.


Nate is going to be busy starting on our new dining room table with big ol' chunky legs.  We are both equally as excited about this.  Weird things are happening. 

Today I am also sharing our favorite relaxing vacation destinations over at Attempts at Domestication.  Who couldn't use some beach photos to get them through Friday?

If you're bored, you can check out my craft room over at Apartment Therapy.  They are having a color contest.  Voting ends today.  I was recently discussing entering your home photos on other sites.  I recommend to enter everything and have a short memory.  You'll be excited a month later when they select your craft room! 

Speaking of bloggers entering their rooms, check out this post over at CNN sharing some of my blog favorites  (Boxy Colonial, Bliss at Home, View Along the Way, Shift Ctrl Art)!

Girl with focus issues out. 

Happy weekend!