Fall Mantel 2013

I was over at the Woodward's last night.  Kim was all making meatloaf, teaching me how to quilt, and decorating her fall mantel.  All at once.  Seriously.  It's pretty impressive to watch her in action.   

And then I was like.  Man, I don't want to miss out on the "It's Fall Y'all" link party.  Because I am clearly a party animal.  So this morning I whipped up my fall mantel. That's what normal people do before they work an 8+ hour shift in a crazy pharmacy, right?

fall mantel.JPG

It looks a lot like my mantel from 2012 but sometimes you need to stick with a good thing.  At least I think it's a good thing. 

fall mantel 2013.jpg

It's not super fall-ish but it's cozy.  I think that's what fall is all about. Being cozy.  What's more cozy than books?  Add a cup of tea and a snuggling in a blanket with your dog. Bam.  It's fall y'all. 

fall mantel.JPG

I'm still super jealous of all of you with mantels without a television above them.  I just have to remember that television brings Mad Men into my life.  I then want to pretend I never spoke bad about my poor beautiful television. 

fall mantel.jpg

Ike tells me that owls are so 2012 and the fox is where it's at in 2013.  He's so very trendy. 

ike and fox.jpg

What's your fall mantel looking like?  Is your dog trendier than you are?  It's cool. 

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