New Kitchen Stools

I'd like you to meet some new members of our household. 


Aren't they handsome?  They are Target's Threshold Lewiston stool.

I have had my eye on them since they were released.  Nate, on the other hand, hates all things awesome and denied my stool request.  Rude.  

Actually, I'm trying really hard to include him on home purchases.  We have very similar taste but we differ on "needing" things.  I had previously made over some thrift store stools.  I liked them but they just weren't right spatially.  I needed four.  The thrift store only had three. There weren't the most sturdy things ever. The area just never looked finished.  Nate thought "finished" meant "we have a place to sit".  I, on the other hand considered those thrift store stools as more of placeholders until the right stools came along.

I remained patient.  (That's a lie.) I asked Nate nicely (okay, I pestered) if I could buy the stools every time we went into Target.  DENIED.  Being a good wife is hard.

And then one day (this is like a fairy tale), my lovely internet friend, Caitlin, let me know about an amazing deal on these precious stools.  (She has them in her kitchen, too.)  They were on sale for $59.  There was a 25% Cartwheel for Threshold stools.  And I get 5% off with my Target Red card.  I told Nate about the deal of a lifetime.   I was expecting him to swoop me up and take me to Target in a horse-drawn carriage to buy them.

His response.  "Eh.  You're going to do what you want anyways."   Which I took as, "I love you beautiful wife.  Please do not miss this amazing stool opportunity." 

 Three Target stores later, I brought my beautiful stool babies home.  (In my 2006 Jeep.  Not a horse drawn-carriage.  Just to make sure this story is clear.)  Funny thing, Nate didn't feel sorry for me when I had a horrible time tracking these lovelies down.  No sympathy at all.  Rude. 


Nate can now rest easily because our kitchen is done.  I said it.  Stick a fork in it. Done.  

Threshold Lewiston Stool.jpg

Now onto the one hundred other rooms that need to be completed.  I'm looking at you ugly office...

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