Craft Room Tour

My craft room is clean.  What?  And it's done.  I think.  Sort of.

Decor and the Dog Craft Room tour {chevron stenciled wall}.jpg

Ike just wants to know where his dog bed is.  Poor guy.

I have shown you all each piece of the room but I don't have a post with the room as a whole.  Mainly because I would photograph one section and shove everything else to the other side of the room. 

This room is probably temporary.  As in, it will exist until our spawn take over.  I figured since it was temporary, I could do whatever the heck I wanted.  Everything in here is something that makes me happy.  It may not necessarily go together but who cares!

The room started with me wanting to stencil a wall.  I decided to go with the chevron wall stencil from Royal Design Studios.   I know chevron is a love it or hate it thing.  Chevron belongs in my happy place.

Decor and the Dog Craft Room 5.jpg

I found the rocking chair at the Salvation Army.  It was hunter green.  I then painted it grey.  And then I painted it 100 different shades of spray paint coral until I gave up and bought a paint sprayer.  I then used Sherwin Williams Dishy Coral that I used elsewhere in the room.  Nate has renamed this the million dollar chair because he loves it so much.  Or he thinks I sunk a million dollars in spray paint into it.  I don't remember which.

Painted Rocking Chair, Chevron Wall, Gold Lamp.jpg

The lamp is from Urban Outfitters. I really wanted a gold floor lamp.  It's just the right amount of vintage for me. It really doesn't go with the room but that's the beauty of it. I made that pillow cover in 5.4 minutes using some Amy Butler fabric. I'm still pretty impressed with that one. 

One of my coworkers gave me an antique buffet.  It was in rough shape so I removed the veneer and painted it Sherwin Williams Agate green.   I added the button art when I co-hosted the Pinterest Challenge.  The buffet is storage for my crafting supplies.

Decor and the Dog Craft Room 6.jpg

I love having this room to sew.  I can start projects without worrying about needing to clean up.  Which explains why this room is never presentable.  Nate built me a sewing table.  We hung the crib spring to display my Instagram photos.  I found the chairs at a thrift store and gave them a coat of paint.

Instagram Display, Sewing Table, Painted Thrift Store Chairs.jpg

Speaking of Instagram, I framed a couple of Instagram photos to hang on the left side of the window.  Ike is quite the quilter.

Instagram Photos.jpg

I painted a chalkboard wall.  I had been wanting a chalkboard wall but I was too chicken to put one anywhere else in my house.  My craft room is a great place for it because I kind of lost interest in it after I painted it.   Oops.

Craft Room Chalkboard Wall.jpg

Behind those closet doors is where I store my fabric.  And junk. I don't recommend opening them.

Ike and I are love crafting/sewing in this room.  It's bright and happy (I need a thesaurus).

Decor and the Dog Craft Room 2.jpg

Little craft room has come a long ways. 

Adorable Craft Room Reveal.jpg

Did you enjoy playing the Ike edition of Where's Waldo?  What items belong in your happy place? Gold lamps, dogs, chevron?

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