Holiday Home Tour {Living Room}

Are you rested up from the start of our home tour yesterday?  Okay, good!

Let's continue in the living room.  Our living room is decked in gold, wood tones and a furry dog.  All important elements in design.

holiday home tour {decor and the dog}

I had thought about making Ike move but he gets grouchy when you kick him out of his spot.  And I'd have to fluff that couch cushion.

holiday home tour {decor and the dog}

Here's the view from upstairs.  Ike keeps a close eye on me at all times.

holiday home tour {decor and the dog}

He leads a hard life.

holiday home tour {decor and the dog}

Our tree is 12' tall.  It's super fun to light and decorate.  It's a good thing Nate isn't afraid of heights.  It may only be half decorated otherwise.

Living room 4.jpg

We are so on top of the present game this year that it's not even funny.  We have one gift left to buy and wrap.  We are killing it.  Wrapping is easier when you have the cutest fox paper in the world (thanks, Target).  

holiday home tour {decor and the dog}

I'm not big on the same decor each year but there are a few items that make a reappearance.  Like this old A Christmas Carol book I bought a few years back at an antique store.  Don't mind the dust.  I'm out of Swiffers and clearly we need to change our filter.

holiday home tour {decor and the dog}

You may remember our nutcracker mantel.  Update:  they have not attacked us in our sleep.  Yet.

Holiday 2013 Mantel {decor and the dog}

Our console table is home to this year's Christmas card display.  I usually just throw our cards in a basket but I figured I had this great wire thingy that I bought in the fall. It works perfectly for Christmas cards.  Extras can go in the basket.  The houses are part of a village that Nate's family had growing up.  We need to find a place for the whole set in the future!

Greeting Card display.jpg

Are you all decorated for the holidays?  Does your pet have their own "spot" in your living room?

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