Dare to Entertain Features + Sneak Peek

How was everyone's week? Who's glad it's Friday?  I have a four day weekend.  A busy four day weekend.  We have two little girl birthday parties to attend and some Christmas gift shopping to accomplish!

Did you check out the Dare to Entertain projects over at Maybe Matilda?  If not, hop to it!

Today I'd like to share with you two of my favorites!

First up we have the lovely Mindy from at Finding Silver Linings.  Between trying to set her house on fire and preparing a holiday meal for her family, she whipped up these beautiful coffee filter peonies.  They make for a simple, yet beautiful, centerpiece.

Coffee Filter Peonies from Finding Silver Linings

Next we have the ever-so-buff Cindy from The Flipping Couple.  Cindy put together this neutral, and oh so beautiful, winter tablescape.  I love the bowls of pine cones!  The whole thing looks perfect for a cozy dinner party.  (Did I mention that Cindy and Nick are pretty stellar hosts.  'Cause they are.)

Beautifl Winter Tablescape from The Flipping Couple

Be sure to check out all of the features on the Dare to DIY Pinterest board!

Are you ready for Monday's sneak peek.  I'm still trying to decide between two projects.  I will share them both but only one on Monday.  I just can't decide!  (I also haven't made either one yet.  No biggie.)

Dare to Give Handmade Sneak Peak

Now.  Here's the important part.  (If anyone is still reading. :P)  Monday I am the host.  The party is right here at Decor and the Dog.  The theme is "Dare to Give Handmade".  I need you all to join the party.  Get those handmade gifts going!  Anything goes as long as you make it and want to gift it!  (Did I mention I haven't started yet and I'm the host? You've got this.)

I also don't want to hang out at a party with just the hosts.  I mean, I love them all but they'll probably just talk about all of their ridiculously cute children.  Don't leave me hanging.

If that isn't enough motivation, you also have the chance to win a $50 stencil shopping spree from Royal Design Studio!

Dare to do-it-yourself button 2013.jpg

Will you dare to give handmade?  PEER PRESSURE!!!

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