Holiday Mantel 2013: Nutcrackers Galore

I'm starting off the 2013 holiday season by sharing our mantel.  

Our mantel that is full of glittery gold and white nutcrackers.  Along with some elf stockings, garland and wood beads.  A very cohesive mix.  (Or something that makes me sound like I know what I'm doing when in reality I just throw stuff on the mantel until it looks decent enough.)

Holiday Mantel 2013 Nutcrackers and Gold.jpg

I sure hope nutcrackers are friendly.  We have a whole army of them and I'm pretty sure they might murder us in our sleep some night.  These are the things that run through my head.  Totally rational thoughts. 

holiday mantel nutcracker.jpg
Holiday 2013 Mantel

I whipped up some elf stockings. I really liked the burlap stockings that I made last year.  Turns out that burlap makes Nate and I feel all icky. I couldn't risk death by burlap AND nutcrackers.  Safety first.

I'm kind of obsessed with the elf stocking look.  They are quirky.  I might put together a tutorial for these if I get my act together.   So probably not.

I also made some wood bead garland.  It was super easy.  Ike helped me make it.  Seriously. I might do a post on that too.

Holiday Mantel Elf Stockings.jpg
Holiday mantel elf stocking.jpg

We bought real garland this year.  We have artificial trees so this gives us that glorious tree smell.  Mmmm, tree.

Holiday 2013 Mantel 1.jpg

It also makes a giant mess.

Worth it.

Holiday Mantel.  Gold and nutcrackers..jpg

Check out our mantels circa 2011 and 2012.  

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What's your mantel looking like this year?  Anyone else terrified of being murdered by holiday decorations?

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