Nutterbutter Ghosts

Alternate title: Things I'm Good At.  Things I'm Not

Because all holidays require a potluck at work, I whipped up my favorite Halloween treat.  Nutter Butter Ghosts!!! 

Nutter Butter Ghosts.jpg

Nutter Butter ghosts fall firmly in the "Things I'm Good At" category.  They are super simple and you can still whip some up today!  And I can't ruin them so they are moron proof. 

These cute little guys are made of 3 ingredients: 

  • 1 package Nutter Butter
  • 1 package of some form of white chocolate.  I really like this CandiQuik brand. 
  • Mini Chocolate Chips


All you do is melt the CandiQuik for about 1 min 30 seconds.  Dunk your Nutter Butter in the chocolate.  Use a fork to shake off excess chocolate.  Place them on wax paper.  Stick on two eye balls (mini chocolate chips). Let cool. Done-zo.   

That's my kind of treat. 

Now onto the "Things I'm Not Good At"

1.  Quickly adding a hover pin-it button to the blog.  I did it in Blogger but I hadn't done since my host change.  It really was ridiculously easy.  I just failed to type my blog address in correctly for like 45 minutes.   Oh my.  But there's a pin-it button now!!!

2.  Making Whoopie Pies.  I bought a $3 whoopie pie pan a couple of weeks ago. I couldn't wait to try it.  Man, did I fail the first two batches.  The first batch I managed to turn off the oven in the middle of baking (WHAT? WHO DOES THAT?).  The second I filled the pan too full.  My 3rd batch turned out darling.  I need some more whoopie pie practice.


whoopie pies.jpg

Happy Halloween!  Are you dressing up today?  My place of employment dresses up every year.  I always enjoy trying to get an upset patient to take me seriously in costume.  The pharmacy always does a group costume.  This year we are doing a mad scientist lab theme.  (Check Instagram (decorandthedog) for pics! 

Do you have a costume this year?  Tell us all about it!