Dining Room Chairs

It's blogger show and tell time.   With yelling.

We have new dining chairs! 

Crate and Barrel Willa Raven Dining Chair.jpg

Nate and I had been looking for dining room chairs for a couple of months now.  We were looking for 8 chairs to go with our new farmhouse table that Nate is building.   That will hopefully be finished next week.  Or Christmas.  Whatever.

We browsed Craigslist.  We had one guy list the perfect set for $75.  I was in love but I was trying not to get my hopes up.  It is Craigslist after all.  Turns out his son listed them at the wrong price.  They should have been $475.  YOU CAN'T DO THAT!!!  I e-mailed on like 1000 others.  We spent 100 Saturday mornings at thrift stores trying to find our precious chairs.

The only chairs we could find were the 1990's Windsor style (which I don't hate but Nate does).  We were both iffy on having a mismatched set.  I've seen it look good. Nate wasn't buying it.  The mismatched didn't seem like a great fit for our style. 

I showed Nate the Crate and Barrel's Willa Side Chair.   He liked them and gave me permission (without nagging) to buy them.  Weird.  I'm still trying to figure out what the catch is.

I was headed to Naperville a few days later to pick them up.  The website said I wouldn't be able to pick them up for a few weeks.  Womp, womp.  I ended up using the customer chat thingy on their website and their lovely employee got me a pick up for the day I was headed to Naperville.  Thanks lovely employee whose name I don't remember.  Because I'm horrible with names. 

We loaded them up in my sister-in-law's van.  I am no longer allowed to make fun of mini-vans again.  But I will.  I mean, I can't. 

Anywho, long story short. Pretty chairs in my dining room.  Ike approves.  Well, sort of.  He wasn't into modeling this day. 


Crate and Barrel Willa.jpg

We only bought six chairs.  We did find two chairs at our local Restore (WHY COULDN'T THERE BE SIX???) and we think they will go nicely on the ends of the table.  Well, they will go nicely once they are cleaned and painted.   

Decor and the Dog dining chairs.jpg

Off to pester Nate about working on the dining table.  He has some sanding left to do and I have some finishing to do.  We're so close! 

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