Sew Midwestern Etsy Shop

Today I’d like to share with you my newest favorite Etsy shop, Sew Midwestern.


Why’s it my favorite?  Probably because it’s co-owned by the lovely Kim {NewlyWoodwards} and myself. Funny how that works.  Both of us had been wanting to open a shop but neither of us had gotten around to it.  So why not do it together? 

Our shop combines our love for classic and quirky hand-made items.  Items that we make because we love them ourselves.  It’s impressive we got this shop rolling because we kept wanting to keep all of the items that we made.  Seriously.  It’s a problem.  Both of our husbands kept making joking about the opening date of Sew Midwestern.  Guess we showed them?  (Okay, so we started back in February.  We just didn’t want to rush things.)

Our shop items will change along with our ever changing obsessions.  And trust me, they change faster than you can say Sew Midwestern.  I think we dreamt up 20 new ideas during our latest sewing session.  Check back often for new products!

Here’s a sampling of what we are currently offering:

Multi-purpose clutches


Whimsical custom quilts


And adorable custom onesies


Head on over to Sew Midwestern.  Maybe you’ll find that next baby shower/bridal shower/just because gift.  Be sure to follow Sew Midwestern on twitter and facebook for updates on new products!

What’s your favorite item currently in our shop?  Any suggestions for things you’d like to see available?  Who needs an extra push to get that handmade shop started?