Gallery Wall: Change of Art

Reading blogs pays.  You heard it here first.

Awhile back, I won a giveaway from Kelly’s blog (View Along the Way).  The giveaway was for a set of six frames from Change of Art

I was super excited about winning this giveaway. I started a gallery wall in our guest bedroom approximately two years ago.  I wish I was over exaggerating. It was missing frames and photos.  My dad would make smart comments about not recognizing the people in the stock images.  Hardy, har, har.  I couldn’t decide what photos to put in the frames. I needed to buy more.  Excuses, excuses.

I took down the ratty attempt at a gallery wall.  I wish I had a photo. It was good. I patched and painted holes.  I was left with this big, blank wall.

Gallery Wall Change of Art

My Change of Art frames arrived about three months ago. I hung them on Sunday. I don’t like to rush things.  In about 15 minutes, we had our entire gallery wall hung.  Patience pays off.

Change of Art Gallery Wall Guest Room

I was super impressed with the Change of Art frames.  The frames are different because you can easily change out the photos/art you want to display. Which is awesome for someone as indecisive as myself. I’m also accident prone and end up stabbing myself with those stupid black tabby things on the back of most frames.  No blood was shed in this gallery wall.  There is also a spot in the back to store additional photos.  Handy!

Gallery Wall Change of Art

The frames were super easy to hang.  Each frame came individually boxed (all materials are eco-friendly).  In the box was the frame, a hanger, a nail and a paper template to use to assist in arranging/hanging the photo.

I arranged the paper templates on the wall.  I had Nate help me ensure that I had them evenly spaced/level.  I don’t see straight.  Minor problem.  After that, I was on my own.

Gallery Wall Change of Art

Well, I had Ike to help me out.

Gallery Wall Change of Art

All I had to do was place the hanger onto the appropriate spot on the template and hammer away.  (Excuse the look of fear in my eyes.  I hate putting nails in the wall.)

Gallery Wall Change of Art

Once the hangers were installed, I ripped down the templates.

Gallery Wall Change of Art

I then gently placed the frame onto the hanger.  There is a little notch that allows it to rest gently and self-level.

Gallery Wall Change of Art

Gallery wall hung.  And to think it only too me two years.

Change of Art Gallery Wall

Gallery Wall Change of Art

For the first gallery wall set-up, I used some black and white Chicago photos from Decor and the Dog Photo.  *shameless plug*

Guest Room Gallery Wall Change of Art

I’m a big fan of the Change of Art frames. Easy to hang, eco-friendly and made in America.  The only downfall I see is that they are a bit pricey for my cheapskate self. Having said that, I will be purchasing another set in the future because I really like how professional they look and how easy they are to hang.  As the old saying goes, sometimes you get what you pay for!

Are you a gallery wall fan?  What’s your longest running project?

***I wasn’t compensated for this post.  I won the frames in a giveaway and was in no way obligated to post about them. Ike and I just thought the frames were pretty awesome.***

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