Life As We Know It

I’m going to be honest with you all.  Having your blog grow is a weird (yet awesome) thing. But there comes this pressure to have stellar pin-worthy posts all of the time.  That just isn’t my style of blogging, yo.  I tried it. I didn’t like it.  I would panic when I couldn’t come up with a stellar post idea and instead write nothing.  Lame.

Today, I’m headed back to the Michelle way of blogging. Why?  Because I can.  (I’m on a power trip.  Look out Nate.)

Today we will discuss life.  Mostly according to Instagram.  Because really, is it life if it wasn’t capture on Instagram?  There is no order to this nonsense.  Just like my life.

Ike is now a redneck.  He is madly in love with this bandana that his uncle gave him.  He is the only dog I know that gets upset if you take his bandana off.  I think I will rename the blog “Ike Dynasty”.  (Thanks, Kristel!)


Oh, it makes me so sad. Is this what it’s like when you’re kid wants to wear that Disney princess horribleness instead of the cute Gap cardigan you bought her?  But that look on his face.

There’s a new antique store in town.  It’s not good for my savings account. So much old cuteness.  I’m going to talk to them about a frequent shopper card.


I’m kind of behind times but I forgot to mention that I got to meet Shannon (Bottle Pop Party Co.) back in May.  I love meeting strangers from the internet.  First I survived meeting Kim and then Shannon.  Maybe I should test my luck and meet a stranger from Craigslist. (I kid. I kid.)  Shannon is cool and she got me addicted to Straw-ber-itas.  I like friends that are good influences.  She’s also ridiculously good at party planning.  Party on, Wayne.  Party on, Garth.


Speaking of good influences,  Kim and I should have a new item listed in our shop, Sew Midwestern, soon.  Sneak peek.  ***Spoiler Alert:  It’s not my purse.  Or the baby monitor.***


Earlier this week I shared with you some of my brothers house (the exterior and bathroom).  Here is Ike super pumped to check out his living room when we first arrived.  I’m liking brother’s rug.  He does good work.  (I did, however, crop out the deer heads.  Brother Dynasty.)


We had a storm go through the other day.  I got to spend 30 minutes of my work day sitting in the hallway wondering if I was going to die. ***Spoiler Alert: I didn’t.***  I was close to getting one of the docs to write me a script for Xanax.  ***Spoiler Alert: I wasn’t close.***


This was the aftermath of the storm.


Or that was the aftermath of me accidently falling asleep after work one day this week.  He opened the bi-fold doors, pulled his travel bag off of the mini-fridge and then proceeded to take out it’s contents.  He left the treats and food.  Because normal dogs do that???  They also do this too. I’m sure of it.


Oh, Ike.

That’s life.  Or some of it.  Actually lately it’s been feel of sweating a lot and trying to get arm muscles. It’s my newest obsessions.  I’m so weird.  And beastly.

What are you all up to this weekend my beastly readers?