Week-end Road Trip and Stuff

Happy Monday, Decor and the Dog readers!  I hope your week-end was a good one.

We were busy.  Shopping.  Birthday celebrating.  Sleeping.  Yard working.  Intense, I tell you.

On Saturday, Nate and I headed to Des Moines.  It’s about 2 1/2 hours from our house.  I really like Des Moines.  They have civilized stores like World Market, Trader Joes and The Tile Shop.

Our first stop in civilization was at The Tile Shop.  It’s a REALLY good thing I didn’t know about The Tile Shop when we were building.  Our lot would be a hole in the ground because I would still be trying to decide on tile.  So many beautiful tile options. We did pick out some tile for our master bathroom.  I’ll share more later this week. I’m pretty darn excited about it. Until then, drool over this beautiful display from the store.  Me likey.  It’s not exactly our style but I still likey.  A lotey.


We made a quick stop at World Market. I was looking for a drink dispenser.  They were out-of-stock.  Lame.  I need to order it on-line.  We then headed to Smashburger for lunch.  Nate and I love a tasty burger.  During the week, we have been doing very well at eating things made only from scratch/not processed.  We’re not quite there on the week-end.  Mmm, burger grease.


Our next stop was our darling niece’s 4th birthday party. 


We played outside, opened gifts and ate cake.  We also dissected Ariel’s brain.  (If you’re in the Des Moines area and looking for someone to bake you a tasty cake, I recommend my sister-in-law!)


While we were there, Nate built me a castle.


Wait, that’s a lie.  We did, however, both shower on Saturday so that was totally worthy of a photograph.  And Nate wasn’t wearing a nerdy t-shirt.  Double win.


Yesterday, Ike woke us up demanding belly rubs.  It’s a good thing he’s ridiculously cute. 


We spent most of yesterday dodging thunderstorms and trying to get fresh mulch put around the house.


Yard work is no joke.  Plus we had a heat index of 86. I like how I was wearing a winter coat last week-end to finish up our vertical garden.  Yesterday I was covered in sweat. Good work, Iowa.  Keep up the warmth!


I’ll share more about our yard progress later this week.  If I get my act together.  Yard work also bores me so I might skip it.  You just never know around here.

What was the best part of your week-end?