Shopping at The Tile Shop

On Saturday, Nate and I headed to Des Moines to pick out some tile at The Tile Shop.

The Tile Shop Des Moines

This is our second shopping experience at The Tile Shop.  Our first round of shopping was to pick out tile for our kitchen backsplash.  For the backsplash, we chose the Imperial Bone Gloss 3x6 subway tile. We had a tough time finding tile that would match our not quite white but not quite ivory cabinets.  The Tile Shop came to our rescue.

Subway Tile Backsplash Black Granite Imperial Bone Gloss

This trip was to pick out tile for our master bathroom.  We were super happy with the customer service/quality of tile/selection from our first round of tile shopping that we decided to make the 2 1/2 drive for our next project!

We had a good idea of the type of tile we wanted when we headed into the store but it never hurts to look.  I started by drooling over the display bathrooms in the store.

The Tile Shop Display Bathroom

The Tile Shop Display Bathroom
I loved both of these displays but Nate tried to get me to focus on our bathroom.  Always the voice of reason that husband of mine.
I then became obsessed with hex tile.  It’s just so quirky and pretty.  Nate had his work cut out for him.

The Tile Shop Hex Tile

We decided that blogland was clouding my judgment.  That hex tile is b-e-a-utiful but doesn’t fit well with our home’s style.  It’s really easy to get sucked into the trends of blogland and not remember what you actually like versus what is popular amongst home decor bloggers.

We ultimately decided on a super brave and daring option.  The Imperial Blanco Gloss 2x12 subway tile.

Imperial Blanco Gloss 2x12 Subway Tile

Subway tile is such a classic choice. We liked the 2x12 size.  The size was part of our daring side coming out. It’s totally not that traditional 3x6 stuff. Subway tile fits well with the modern/country/industrial hot mess vibe that we have going on in our home.  We chose the dark grout (charcoal) shown at the bottom.  We do have plans to do a little twist with this tile.  I just don’t want to fully commit on decision on the blog because we aren’t sure if it will work.  I told you we were brave and adventurous. 

The manager of the store was super helpful.  He was able to answer questions about what tools and supplies we would need to complete the project.  He pointed out tiles that may work well in our space. The only problem I had with The Tile Shop was that there were too many awesome types of tile to choose from.  I’m glad we went into the store with a good idea of what we wanted because I might still be there.  I wonder if those showers are functioning…

We can’t wait to get started. I need to get to picking out some new mirrors (And possibly lights, if I can convince Nate that they are a need and not a want.) during the long week-end. Sounds like a good way to spend the holiday week-end!

Are you a fan of The Tile Shop?  Are you a subway tile fan or do you prefer that hipster hex stuff?

This is not a sponsored post. The Tile Shop is providing me with free tiles and supplies. They aren’t requiring me to post about their awesomeness.  I’m just a really big fan!