Choosing Flowers for a Vertical Garden Vlog {Part 2: #DigIn}

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of The Home Depot.  I know, a sponsored post.  But keep reading because the project is awesome and Ike stars in a vlog!

Simple Tips for Choosing Flowers for a Vertical Garden (or flower garden)

I don’t know about you but I used to find garden centers intimidating.  All of those aisles.  All of those needy plants.  Sun. Shade. Little water. A lot of water.  Big roots.  Little roots.  6” spacing.  36” spacing.  So many things to consider when choosing flowers to spruce up your outdoor living space.

Lucky for you, Ike and I are here today with a vlog on how to choose the correct flowers for a vertical garden (or any flower garden for that matter).  The tips are simple but choosing the correct flower is actually a very simple process.  Ike is currently looking for agents now that he’s a vlog star.

If you’re not in an appropriate vlog viewing environment, here’s what Ike and I discuss in the vlog:


You will first need to determine where you are going to place your vertical garden (or where your flower garden is located).  If your garden will receive 6 or more hours of sun, you will want to choose plants that grow well in sun.  If you garden is in the shade, you will want to choose plants that grow well in the shade.  This seems obvious but I have tried many times to grow a sun loving plant in the shade.  It won’t work.  No matter how hard you try. The Home Depot Garden Center makes this step easy.  The flowers are separated by sun loving and shade loving.  They even have big signs to help direct you.

*There are sirens in the video.  I live in a super safe, tiny town.  There just happens to be sirens the one time I try to shoot a vlog.  Good work.   I just couldn't do another take of this tip without losing my marbles.  Ike sees a bug.  Decides it's too far away to chase.*

Sun and Shade Flowers #DigIn

Water Requirements:

The next thing you will want to keep in mind is how much water will your flowers will need. This is especially important in a vertical garden.  You wouldn’t want to put a water loving plant next to a succulent.  One of them will not end up a happy plant.  Sad plants make for sad plant owners.  The flowers I chose (verbena, asylum, petunias and marigolds) all need water about 2-3 times per week.  How do you know how much water your flower will need?  Check the tag that comes with the flower.  Easy peasy. (Don’t forget to sign up for theHome Depot Garden Club!) 

*Ike sleeps through this tip.*

What to plant in a vertical garden


For a vertical garden, you will want to select plants with a short root system.  Short roots make for a lighter box.  You will also want to select plants that spread a little (to cover the box) but not so much that they take over the entire box.  The plants that I selected will spread about 4-12” each.  How do you tell how big your plant will get?  Again, check that tag that comes with the flower.  (See above.) 

*Ike gets bored during this tip and decides to take a nap.*


We chose flowers over succulents or herbs for our vertical garden because we wanted to add some color to our otherwise dull and boring deck.  I choose some bright pink and purple verbena and some purple petunias.  I grabbed some yellow marigolds to wake that little vertical planter up.  I will use asylum to add some greenery to break up the brighter colors.  I tried to find flowers that would look great together but also meet the above requirements.

*Ike smells each flower.*

I hope these simple tips help you be all smiles at your next trip the garden center.

Choosing flowers for a vertical garden

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of The Home Depot.

Check back on Monday to see how the vertical garden is constructed!

Do you have a brown thumb or a green thumb?  Do you love garden centers or do they overwhelm you?  What are your favorite types of flowers?  Think Ike has an acting career ahead of him?