Sibling Dress Up Storage

I keep telling friends and family that I should make a list of things of things I won’t own/delusional thoughts I have about raising a child.

1. I will NEVER EVER EVER EVER own a minivan.  NEVER EVER.  Seriously.  I won’t do it.  Don’t try to convince me how awesome they are to make yourself feel better.  Horrible. Won’t do it.

2. My kid will totally sleep through the night.  After week one.

3.  My house will not be filled to the brim with toys.  Especially that plastic crap.  Nope.  Not gonna happen.  My darling angel will play with 2 or 3 toys of which he/she will put away nicely when they are done playing.

Where’s this post going? I don’t remember.

Oh yes, one thing I will allow in my house.  This darling dress up storage that my father-in-law made for my nieces and nephew.

Sibling Dress Up Storage (Boy and Girl Dress Up)

Isn’t it darling?

He did a little modification of the Ana White Dress Up Storage plans to create an adorable (and gender neutral) dress up station. 

Sibling Dress Up Storage 

I love how there are hooks on the side for the helmets.

Sibling Dress Up Storage Side

And room at the bottom for accessories.

Sibling Dress UP Storage Inside

I think I want a grown-up version for my dresses.  Or maybe Ike needs one for his ever growing clothing collection (of which makes my husband super happy).

Costume Closet for Boy and Girl

Childless readers: anything you won’t do/own as a parent? Parents: how totally wrong am I? What did you say you’d never do and then did?