Work Your Wardrobe

Today I have a public service announcement for you. 

Use caution when meeting people from the internet. 

Terrifying things could happen.  You could be mugged.  You could be murdered.  You could also be suckered into modeling for this internet person’s new fashion blog.

Like the time Kim (NewlyWoodwards) started Work Your Wardrobe.  Work Your Wardrobe is a fashion blog for the working woman.


Today she frightened yours truly into posing for said blog.


All joking aside, Work Your Wardrobe is a great resource for affordable outfit inspiration.  Kim started this website for:

  • The woman who wants to look put together every day at work but refuses to pay $180 for a blouse.
  • The woman who prefers classic pieces to overly-trendy.
  • The woman who wants to look young, but is a bit out of the realm of the juniors section.
  • The woman who works to live. Not the other way around.

Work Your Wardrobe has many contributors (aka other bloggers she frightened into modeling).  It’s a fun way to see a different side of many of your favorite DIY bloggers! The blog is new but I am really enjoying the different styles represented on the blog.

Head on over to Work Your Wardrobe and leave sweet comments make fun of my modeling skills.

Off to practice fashion blogger poses for my next outfit feature.  Look out Iowa Fashion Week!

What are your wardrobe staples?  Which fashion blogger pose should I use for the next outfit?  Did you check out Iowa Fashion Week? I’m still laughing weeks later.

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