Instagram Display From Old Crib Spring

It’s no secret that I’m addicted to Instagram.  (Feel free to follow decorandthedog for many pictures of Ike, snow and the food I eat.)

Most people ponder the meaning of life.  I have been pondering a way to display some of my 835 Instagram photos.  I’m deep.

The answer came to me while thrifting with two of my favorite people, Cindy and Kim, this past week-end.  I spotted an old crib frame and I knew that it needed to be mine. It was so meant to be that I waited for a good 10 minutes for the owner of the shop to return to accept my money.  Only in Iowa.

Instagram Photo Display Using an Old Crib Spring

This project is super easy.  The hard part is locating an old crib spring.  You could easily use a new one as well.  I had pondered painting this one but I’m a sucker for the rustic look.  It works perfectly above my craft room sewing table. I like this so much I wish I had a place for it in our main living area.

Instagram Photo Display Using Old Crib Spring

Instagram Photo Display Old Crib Spring

I used an app called Printicular that allowed me to print my photos at Walgreens.  There are many other on-line sources for printing. I have zero patience and wanted my photos fast.  The photos were ready in an hour by using the app.  (Use coupon code PARTNER25 for 25% off.  This isn’t a sponsored post.  I just like the app.)  I thought the photo quality was great.  I’ll definitely use Printicular again. 

I purchased some small clothespins from Hobby Lobby to use to attach the photos to the bedframe.  I love that this display allows me to easily switch out the photos.  Something about me liking to change decor a lot.  I might paint the clothespins someday.  Call me maybe.

Instagram Photo Display 019

Nate helped me hang from the wall with some L-brackets.  He found it helpful to drill a small hole to the top of the frame.  He placed a screw through the hole to attach the L-bracket.  This helps to securely anchor the spring to the wall.  Safety is always important.  Especially when I will be changing pictures often.

Instagram Photo Display 017

The display makes me so happy.  It’s such a great way to display many great memories.  I have photos of big trips to Costa Rica and the Grand Canyon.  There are photos of of friends and family.  And there are more than plenty photos of the Ike man.

Instagram Photo Display Old Crib Spring Decor and the Dog

One step closer to finally finishing my silly craft room!

Are you an Instagram addict?  Do you display your photos?  If so, how?

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