Super Fun Announcement

Wow.  Yesterday I learned that you all have quite the active imaginations.  I like it.

Who’s ready for my “super fun announcement”?

Well, I feel that about 96.4% of you are going to be a bit disappointed but I think you’ll recover because the fun announcement is that awesome.

I am NOT pregnant.  I am not planning on becoming pregnant any time soon.  Once babies start sleeping and not being so needy and germy, I’ll have one.  ;)

So what is the super fun announcement????  I feel that the blog has been a little serious lately. Lame.  Luckily, Kelly (View Along the Way) came to my rescue when she asked me if I would be interested in hosting a “Hey Girl” link party.


Duh.  Post ridiculous photos of Nate with “Hey Girl” quotes on them.  Heck yeah.

I am co-hosting with Kelly (View Along the Way), Chelsea (Two Twenty One), Bliss (Bliss Ranch) and Ashley (Domestic Imperfection).  But a  party isn’t a party without guests and we want you to join us!

The link party opens on Feb. 7th.  Have your “Hey Girl” photos ready.  You can link up at any of the co-hosts blogs.

Don’t have a significant other?  How about a using a celebrity crush or pet?  (Like this post with Ike.)

hey girl ike

Don’t have a blog?  Feel free to upload your photos to Pinterest and Flickr and add them that way.

Need some inspiration or you’re not quite sure what this “Hey Girl” thing is all about?  Visit the Hey Girl Pinterest board to see examples!!

I’ll post some of my favorites on Valentine’s Day.

As for life updates, I’ll be back with those next week because this post is already wordy/long enough.  And I have walls to paint and floors to clean!

Who’s going to be joining us?  You know you want to!!!