Favorite Paint Colors of DIY Bloggers

Are you currently struggling to find the perfect paint color?  Are you wondering what that paint sample actually looks like in a home?  Do you trust the judgment DIY bloggers?  If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, you are in luck!

Favorite Paint Colors from DIY Bloggers

Today some of the blogosphere’s greatest are here to share with you their very favorite paint color from their homes!  The sample is on the left.  The paint color in the blogger’s home is on the right.  Some of the bloggers also share why the color they chose is their favorite.  Enjoy!

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Behr Gentle Rain (Retro Ranch Reno)

Retro Ranch Reno

- Gabbi’s favorite is Behr Gentle Rain.  “This is the color I used to paint our living/dining room area.  I also carried it down the hallway since it's such an open space.  For me, grays can be tricky because they often have undertones that make the read as too purple or blue or green or tan.  In our space, this color reads as a true gray...a perfect neutral.”

Behr Glimmer (Hazardous Design)

Hazardous Design

-  Carrie’s favorite paint color is Glimmer by Behr. “It’s not too blue, not too gray, not too green.”

Behr Palm Breeze (Maybe Matilda)

Maybe Matilda

- Rachel’s favorite is Behr Palm Breeze.  “It’s kind of a quiet, springy green.”

Behr Sculpted Clay (Wills Casa)

Wills Casa

-  Amber’s color of choice is

Behr Sculptor Clay

. “Why I love it: It's a gray that's light and bright, and it works with virtually any color palette. (It's neutral without being beige or tan.)”

Behr Witch Hazel (The Flipping Couple)

The Flipping Couple

:  Cindy’s very favorite paint color is Behr Witch Hazel.  “It makes me happy on a daily basis. How's that for a personal endorsement?”

Benjamin Moore Cloud Cover (Primitive and Proper)

Primitive and Proper

-  Cassie loves Cloud Cover by Benjamin Moore. “It's a nice warm white.  It's the perfect white for our house.  Cloud Cover leaves it feeling cozy and warm and light without being creamy.”

Benjamin Moore Deep Caviar (View Along the Way)

View Along the Way

- Kelly’s favorite paint color is Benjamin Moore Deep Caviar. “It has amazing color-changing properties, and everyone who looks at it sees something different. It looks dark brown to me, but some people swear it's a dark purple; others say it's navy blue, and others see a charcoal black. Everyone is adamant about what they see and it creates some interesting debates at the dinner table.”

Benjamin Moore Paladian Blue (Life on Mars)

Life on Mars

- Maury loves the shade in her living room which is Benjamin Moore Paladian Blue.  “It's the perfect soft blue and makes a room feel bright and calming.”

Benjamin Moore Rich Cream (Finding Silver Linings)

Finding Silver Linings

-  Mindy’s favorite paint color is Benjamin Moore's Rich Cream.  “It's a great neutral that works well with our darker wood trim.  It's my favorite because the color changes beautifully throughout the day.  It's a frothy white early in the day and changes to a golden cream in the evening.  It makes a room glow as if it were candlelit.”

Benjamin Moore Sea Foam (His and Hers)

His and Hers

: Erin’s favorite color is the one in her living room-Benjamin Moore Sea Foam.

Dutch Boy Crushed Seed (Buffalo Roam)

Buffalo Roam

-  Amy’s favorite is Dutch Boy Crushed Seed which she used in her master bath.

Martha Stewart Seal (NewlyWoodwards)


- Kim’s a fan of  Martha Stewart Seal.  “It’s a perfect, moody and chalky grey. And it seems to have some brown undertones, which makes it less cold in our home. We have this in our dining room with white wainscoting and it's my favorite color in the house (which is saying a lot because I truly love every color in my house). It would also blend well with  just about any accent color.”

Ralph Lauren Mercer (Nuestra Vida Dulce)

Nuestra Vida Dulce

-  Joi’s favorite color is Mercer by the now discontinued Ralph Lauren paint line at Home Depot.  (She thinks Home Depot still has the old paint deck on hand and can mix it for you in another paint brand) “It is a dark moody gray-brown in my kitchen.  I love it because it makes my white kitchen cabinets "pop."”

Sherwin Williams Mint Condition (Two Twenty One)

Two Twenty One

- Chelsea’s favorite is Sherwin Williams Mint Condition.  “As part of my ongoing kitchen makeover (that's been at a standstill for months), I painted our kitchen Mint Condition by Sherwin Williams this past August.  It's a great shade of mint, and I think it'll look great with our, hopefully, soon-to-be painted white cabinetry.”

Sherwin Williams Restrained Gold (Let's Just Build a House)

Let's Just Build a House

-  Trina loves Sherwin Williams Restrained Gold.  “We have it throughout the living room kitchen hallways etc. I know it isn't the chic grey everyone in blogland loves but it fits perfect into our house!”

Sherwin Williams Smoky Blue

Decor and the Dog

- I made myself pick my favorite.  It only seemed fair.  It was pretty tough.  I love all of our paint colors but Smoky Blue is the winner in my book.  I had always wanted a blue dining room.  I got it.  And I still love it. Which says a lot coming from me!

I would like to thank all of the ladies that we were willing to share their homes with the readers of Decor and the Dog.  I hope you all found some color inspiration today.  If not, I at least hope you found a new blog or two to read.  Because who doesn’t need more blogs to read?

Be sure to check out our house tour page to see all of our paint colors!

What’s your favorite paint color?  Are you brand loyal? Looks like blogland has a lot of Behr and Benjamin Moore fans.  Me, I stick with the ol’ Sherwin Williams.  I’m a fairly loyal gal.  (I like the word gal.)